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Will Belarus join Putin’s war in Ukraine?

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At the point when Belarus, Russia's most seasoned and staunchest post-Soviet partner, emptied its international safe haven from the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, on Saturday, the minister got an embarrassing "gift".

A Ukrainian boundary monitor tossed 30 bits of silver at Belarusian Ambassador Igor Sokol, as per a video took shots at an anonymous line designated spot - an emblematic signal.

"With disdain!" the gatekeeper yelled as he tossed the pack of coins at Sokol.

As far as concerns its, Russia shut down its international safe haven in Kyiv two days before the attack started on February 24.

The Belarusian advance isn't simply a demonstration of help for Russian President Vladimir Putin from his Belarusian partner Alexander Lukashenko. It might flag a game-changing military move.

Ihor Romanenko, a resigned lieutenant-general and previous vice president of Ukraine's General Staff, told Al Jazeera Belarus might join the fight on Moscow's side - and send somewhere in the range of 10 and 15 strategic brigades of up to 800 men each to help the slowed down Russian armed force which has been taking weighty misfortunes and scarcely moving as of late.

"According to how things unfurl, the chance is high," Romanenko said.

He said this would follow a long time of cleanses inside the Belarusian military after numerous servicemen and officials wouldn't battle Ukrainians.

The Belarusians will just move in close by Russian powers - and solely after Moscow finishes conveying stores, for example, soldiers from the Pacific armada that are by and large hurriedly traveled to western Russia and Belarus, he said.

"The most probable date is when Putin assembles his stores, will partake in them toward the north [of Ukraine that borders Belarus], toward the upper east," Romanenko said.

Belarusian powers might endeavor to assist Moscow with holding onto Kyiv, he added.

"The capital is the vital objective.

"Justifiably, Putin imagines that assuming the capital is taken, the matter [of triumph over Ukraine] will be tackled without a moment's delay and on a basic level."

On Tuesday, a top knowledge official in Kyiv anticipated Belarus might send three floods of servicemen to Ukraine - of around 5,000 each - to help the Russian military,

"An opportunity of attack from Belarus is high," Major General Viktor Yagun of the Ukrainian Security Service said in broadcast comments.

He guaranteed that Lukashenko "no more" orders his military as Belarusian top of the food chain are "oversaw by Russia", adding Belarusians might focus on the western Volyn district that fills in as a primary inventory course for Western military guide.

Another master likewise believes Lukashenko's powers might initiate the Russian development on western Ukrainian areas that have up until this point been somewhat immaculate by the threats.

"Conceivably, the attack will be all the more full-scale," Nikolay Mitrokhin, a Russia specialist with Bremen University in Germany, told Al Jazeera.

He said the Belarusians might assist Russia with progressing towards three significant western Ukrainian urban areas to take apart Ukraine and to remove it from the wellsprings of Western military guide.

"The intrusion might go to Lviv, Kovel, Lutsk with the goal that it could cut Ukraine from its western boundaries or, at any rate, get Ukrainian stores snared in the conflict and to test how [battle-ready] they are," he said.

Lukashenko permitted Russia to utilize its domain to attack Ukraine and changed his ex-Soviet country's constitution to permit the organization of Russian atomic weapons in Belarus.

Be that as it may, when the intrusion started, he said he wouldn't back Putin militarily.

"We won't get hauled into the conflict, nobody is requesting that we do that," the 67-year-old previous aggregate homestead administrator told Belarusian top of the food chain in February.

Notwithstanding, on March 15, he took steps to "answer firmly" in the wake of asserting a voyage rocket had been captured and annihilated over Belarus.

"For what reason is it done? To get us invigorated, to inspire us to answer. In any case, we are not unreasonably straightforward. Assuming that we answer, we will answer emphatically. With the goal that everybody can feel it. Yet, up to this point, we're showing restraint," Lukashenko said - however missed the mark concerning indicating who sent off the rocket.

Belarus has reinforced its powers along the Ukrainian line, in spite of the fact that its top authority guaranteed it didn't have anything to do with the chance of their interest in the conflict.

"The development of troops is not the slightest bit associated with the planning, not to mention cooperation of the Belarusian military in [Russia's] unique military activity in Ukraine," Deputy Defense Minister Viktor Gulevich said on March 12.

Ukraine's top security official said on Sunday that Lukashenko may, all things considered, enter the conflict - and gave an admonition to his servicemen.

"Assuming a solitary Belarusian fighter crosses the line with Ukraine, he will be obliterated," Security Council head Oleksiy Danilov told Ukrainian media.

"The Russian president is compelling Alexander Lukashenko to begin an intrusion of the Belarusian armed force, yet the last option comprehends that it would pound Belarus," he said.

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